Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Using inexpensive VR goggles and Android phone to create an active Vision Board

There were a few outside influences that got me thinking about a Vision Board. I'm a fan of Tony Robbins, The Laws of Attraction, and warrior meditation I learned at the Dojo but I never seemed to get them all together in one practice. So this got me thinking . . . . . . How could I mix all this together?

So what was my theory? I'm a fan of subconscious and subliminal influence and since that is one of the goals of a Vision Board I figured there had to be some way to combine them.

Repetition is used in advertising as a way to keep a brand or product at the forefront of consumer's minds. Wanting to take this to a different level I decided that I needed to figure out a way to flash image goals while meditating.

I first started finding pictures on Pinterest that were projections of my goals. I saw other posts that visited this idea and it felt like a good start. The next step was figuring out the best way to deliver them.

Back in the day when Google VR first came out, I started thinking about a VR environment as a meditation area. Like the phone-based VR word, that idea kinda died. When I started looking selected Pinterest pictures that idea came back to me. So, I immediately started exploring how I could integrate these images into a VR headset.

One thing that I didn't like about the Samsung VR headset was that I had to plug in my own headphones. This issue was important because I wanted to listen to Binaural Beats when looking at my images. I also wanted things to be easy because, if it wasn't, I would lose interest.

With that in mind, I decided to purchase an inexpensive VR headset that already had Bluetooth headphones attached. Another positive was that I could put my phone in the unit quickly. It also accommodated my phone's Otter case.


iPhotosVR SBS (Pro) did the trick. It displays the image down to a second and the developer was quick to answer any question. As things progressed I figured out that 3 seconds per image was effective. It also has a random function.


r/visionboard - Using inexpensive VR goggles and Android phone to create an active Vision Board

Next came the Binaural Beat generator.

I used this app in the past and felt that it worked. I like that it has timed and pre-built sessions. I'm going to look for one that is a bit more flexible in the future.


r/visionboard - Using inexpensive VR goggles and Android phone to create an active Vision Board

Although things started to get interesting; the practice wasn't sending me a complete message. After some reading and a little common sense, I figured out that it would be more productive if I added actions to the vision segments. To do that I used Google Slides. Basically, I put my action in big red text and then took a screenshot of that slide. I then added it to the vision boards image deck.

r/visionboard - Using inexpensive VR goggles and Android phone to create an active Vision Board

Google Action Slide

I've been using this process as a meditation session in the morning and before bed (two different decks). I guess that I'm using the term meditation loosely, but I do employ some of the practice techniques like mindful breathing.

Overall it has been quite helpful. Don't get me wrong, the process isn't metaphysical magic that opens up the gates of success. What I am finding is that the process instills that little voice in my head that reminds me of these goals throughout the day. I find myself doing more of what needs to be done to achieve these goals, less of what I didn't want to do, and in the end making progress towards my goals.

Let me know what you think? Does this practice resonate with you guys? Are there other apps or processes that would help improve this?

This could all be built into an independent unit that doesn't require a phone. Just an inexpensive Raspberry Pi and an LCD screen. I've mapped out most, if not all the opensource components needed. It's not out of the scope of my abilities but time and project priorities are an issue. If anyone would like to talk more about it let me know.