Thursday, August 10, 2017

In the beginning . . .

Although I did start to learn about Nietzsche's idea of the Übermensch and come up with the idea of finding Ü a few years ago. I believe that this was my first Instagram posting related to my Ü system.  I'll probably dig up the older posts and write about them in the future.

Simply put, finding Ü is all about me finding the better Me. I even came up with a catch phrase of "Becoming the best you by finding your Ü".  Now I am using technology to monitor the progress and give me a score!

jimmydnetCheck out my "Hey dummy drink more water" hydration reminder system! Of course I had to geek it out. I found a good deal on two #hidratespark smart water bottles. One for my desk and one for my EDC Office Gym Bag. Both provide extensive data logging PLUS I am working on integrating this data with the data from my other devices. Along with that I picked up this tiny fridge for around $35. It holds four 500 ml water bottles and it makes sure I always have a cold one ready. Last but not least I grabbed this "Drink more water" sticker from Redbubble to gently remind me of my goal