Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Upping my carbs for energy.

Food update! This month I started to up my carb intake. My biggest concerns were weight and energy. Out of neglect, I wasn't eating enough calories during the day and then would gorge at night. I had to pull the handbrake on this because it was a bad habit I had back in the day.

So far my weight has stabilized and is going down. Energy is much stronger in the afternoons and that's where I was seeing issues. In the pic, you see a hash mix of 2/3 cauliflower and 1/3 of potatoes. I try to make it a half serving of potatoes (Adhoc stole some fries from my daughter's Idaho bag. About 70 calories and 15 net carbs) I added onions, Mrs. Dash, and Sriracha powder. I topped it off with two eggs for protein.

Sleep is getting better. I added a sleep tracker to my kit. Upper back is super tight. Clearly a stress thing but trying to work that out with Yoga.

My new hobby is nootropics and digital health tracking! Well, it's something that I was really into a few years back but regained interest in the past few months.

Nothing is wrong, but just like my favorite car, I want to get as much millage out of my body as I can.

I love the data you can get in today's world. I have a metabolism and testosterone blood test out. I have a full check up/ blood work in March. Added blood pressure and sleep data to the metrics I'm already collecting.

Starting to get lots data and have a much better grasp of how to use things. Not only are my notes much better but I'm starting to create a Jimmy D dashboard! Can measure what you don't track right?

At some point ill share my nootropics 2.0 project. It's super exciting.

One action item from today's thoughts are to add a #Trello card to research how food ingredients can act as a nootropic.